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Princess Tutu was originally broadcast in two seasons. The first season, "Kapitel des Eies" ("Chapter of the Egg"), consisted of 13 half-hour episodes. The second season was broadcast as 26 quarter-hour episodes, to conform to the format of the time slot, so that each episode was split into two parts. These were brought back together in the DVD release as 13 complete episodes. The second season is called "Kapitel des Junges" ("Chapter of the Chick") in R2 DVDs, and "Kapital (sic) des Küken" ("Chapter of the Fledgling") in R1 DVDs.

The opening theme, "Morning Grace", is sung by Ritsuko Okazaki. The ending theme, "Although My Love is Small", is also sung by Ritsuko Okazaki.

Season One

Ep. # Promotional Image Episode Title Description Original Airdate
1 Ep1.jpg "The Duck and the Prince"
Duck awakes from a dream in which she is a duckling, watching a handsome prince dance ballet. Later, she walks early into class and discovers Mytho, an advanced class student, dancing alone. When she trips, he dives to catch her, twisting his ankle in the process. Duck wants to apologize to him but is prevented from doing so by Mytho's controlling roommate, Fakir. The next morning, Duck resolves to apologize to Mytho, and spies canary chicks beginning to fly. One of the hatchlings hesitates and is forced to jump when a crow tries to attack it. Mytho leaps to catch it and falls as well. To save him, Duck transforms into Princess Tutu. Mytho asks who she is. Tutu/Duck remembers that she is a duck, and runs away. August 16, 2002
2 Ep2.jpg "Heart Shard"
Duck wakes up to realize that she is just a duck. Drosselmeyer appears and tells her that she is also the legendary Princess Tutu; her task being to return the pieces of heart to the Prince, Mytho. Duck decides to take up the challenge. Drosselmeyer gives back the pendant That changes her into a girl. Duck also meets the mysterious Edel, who guides her back to Gold Crown Academy.

An anteater-girl, who’s bitter and jealous of Rue due to her superior dancing skills, sets her eyes on Mytho. She and Mytho have a dance-off with Rue. Rue chooses Duck as her partner and, surprisingly, they win. Duck discovers that the anteater is being influenced by a shard of Mytho's heart. She transforms into Princess Tutu and convinces the heart shard to return to him. Mytho regains a feeling, which worries Fakir. 

August 23, 2002
3 Ep3.jpg "The Princess's Vow"
Duck learns about the book The Prince and the Raven. She discovers that its author is Drosselmeyer, and he died a long time ago. She bumps into Mytho, who is on a date with Rue and retrieving water for her. While looking for water, Duck and Mytho stumble upon a restaurant. Inside, a woman named Ebine, serves them cold food and Duck discovers that she has another piece of Mytho’s heart: the feeling of loneliness. She retrieves it and afterward, Rue and Fakir find Mytho. They discuss Princess Tutu, and her fate that if she confesses her love to the Prince, she will turn into a speck of light.  August 30, 2002
4 Ep4.jpg "Giselle"
Mytho follows a mysterious voice and disappears. Duck and Rue go looking for him. They run into Edel, who tells them a story of a maiden who died and directs them in the right direction, which enables them to find Mytho. He finds the Wili Maiden, the ghost who’s been calling to him, and is offered the rosemary, which will allow the ghost to take him with her to the land of the dead. Rue tries to save him by dancing with the ghost, but fails since the ghost can dance for much longer than Rue. When Rue falls, Duck hides and transforms into Princess Tutu. Tutu dances with the ghost (revealing herself to Rue), and is able to keep going. She gains the feeling of sadness from the ghost and gives it to Mytho. Drosselmeyer notes that the feelings returned to the Prince, thus far, are unhappy ones, and questions Tutu, “Is this how you will restore happiness to the Prince?”  September 6, 2002
5 Ep5.jpg "On the Night of the Fire Festival"
Duck learns about the Fire Festival. Duck, punished again, is charged with cleaning the room of the advanced class. She arrives at the classroom and finds Mytho, dressed in Festival garb, awaiting Rue to practice dancing together. Since she is absent, he decides to dance with Duck instead, to her joy. As punishment for not listening to him, Fakir locks Mytho up in a closet. He follows a light under the floor, and Duck follows him into the catacombs. She goes in search of Mytho, and a voice begins telling her riddles. She gets them all wrong, but finds the room Mytho is in, regardless, and gets locked in the room. She transforms into Princess Tutu and finally gets the answer to the riddles, revealing the voice is a lamp with a piece of heart. September 13, 2002
6 Ep6.jpg "Dreaming Aurora"
A traveling ballet troupe comes into town and Duck's whole class gets time off to go and see the troupe practice dancing. There Duck sees a heart shard has taken possession of the lead in the upcoming Sleeping Beauty show, but it leaves when the void in her heart is filled when her husband encourages and supports her. Duck chases after it and asks the heart shard to return to Mytho, but instead it attacks her with a sword, but Duck catches it anyway and returns it to Mytho. It is the feeling of fear and uncertainty, and once returned Mytho becomes afraid of Princess Tutu. Duck is shocked at what has happened, because she was only trying to help but Mytho ended up in pain. Once this heart shard had been returned will Mytho be scared of Princess Tutu forever? September 20, 2002
7 Ep7.jpg "Crow Princess"
Duck is distraught over the pain she's brought Mytho, and thinks about giving up being Princess Tutu. Drosselmeyer is worried that the story will be frozen again if Duck quits so he stops time to encourage her, but his plan backfires and Duck throws her pendant into the river. Meanwhile Mytho is confused at the new emotions he is feeling and wanders to the river, where his heart shard of curiosity takes him deep underwater. Duck tries to save him but can't in the form of a duck, so she gets the pendant back and becomes Princess Tutu again. She saves Mytho, and Mytho tells her that he doesn't want her to go and wants her to restore his heart. She is glad and is about to restore the shard of desire for knowledge when it is stolen by Princess Kraehe. September 27, 2002
8 Ep8.jpg "The Warrior’s Fountain"
Rue wakes up and can't really remember what happened the night before, and then finds Mytho's heart shard in one of her drawers. It asks her a bunch of questions and who she really is, but Rue can't answer. Duck is wondering whether to tell Mytho she is Princess Tutu because then they could work together, but if she did she'd also have to tell him that she's really a duck, so she decides not to. Mytho defies Fakir, and Fakir, realizing he can no longer control Mytho, retrieves the sword of the prince to break Mytho's heart into pieces again. Kraehe appears and tries to steal Mytho from Princess Tutu, and then Fakir appears and tries to break Mytho's heart. Princess Tutu is able to stop him, and she also returns the heart shard of curiosity.  October 4, 2002
9 Ep9.jpg "Black Shoes"
Fakir, having failed to shatter Mytho's heart again, wonders what he should do. Should he give up, especially since Mytho now wants to restore his heart? Rue also has problems, as she tries to convince herself that there is only one of herself. Rue doesn't want Mytho to change, so she decides to accept her role as Kraehe. Duck finds another piece of Mytho's heart, devotion, possessing a student artist. Princess Tutu removes the heart shard, but Kraehe tries to stop her. Mytho comes and Kraehe's resolve wavers when the one she loves stands against her, giving Princess Tutu enough time to restore the heart shard.  October 11, 2002
10 Ep10.jpg "Cinderella"
Kraehe leaves but hasn't given up on Mytho, and Fakir lunges at Princess Tutu with a shard of glass, missing but cutting the chain of her pendant. Princess Tutu turns into a duck, and by the time she realizes the pendant is missing it is gone. She searches for it all night and finds that Fakir is keeping it. She follows him around all day until he goes to the blacksmith. Fakir is an orphan with and the blacksmith, Karon, is his adoptive father. Fakir tells Karon that he's realized he is the reincarnation of the knight from the story the Prince and the Raven, but is afraid because it is the knight's fate to die by being torn in half. Duck sees that Karon is possessed by a heart shard, regret, and goes and recovers it. Now free of regret, Karon gives the Lohengrin Sword to Fakir and tells him to follow his heart. When returning to the school, Fakir sees Duck and notices the pendant she's wearing, and realizes that she is Princess Tutu. October 18, 2002
11 Ep11.jpg "La Sylphide"
Mytho wants to give a gift to Princess Tutu, after hearing that giving a gift to someone shows how you feel about that person. He goes out with Rue and sees Edel selling gems. Edel gives him a gem called Love, but warns him that although beautiful it can be dangerous and delicate. Rue, knowing that the gift is not for her, takes it telling Mytho she'll shine it and make it even more beautiful. Kraehe curses the gem with hatred and puts a black feather inside, then gives it back to Mytho. Mytho gives it to Princess Tutu, who discovers the heart shard of love is inside. She is about to return it when Kraehe's hatred inside the gem binds her and Kraehe rips the half-returned heart shard out of Mytho's chest. Fakir tries to fight Kraehe but loses, and she disappears with Mytho. October 25, 2002
12 Ep12.jpg "Banquet of Darkness"
Kraehe and Mytho have vanished. Princess Tutu helps Fakir back to his dorm and binds his wounds. When he wakes up they decide to search together for Mytho, even though Fakir still refuses to team up with Duck. They search all over town but can't find him. Finally Edel shows them the way. After Duck is so clumsy Fakir is wondering if she and Tutu can even be the same person, she trips and he tries to save her and they both ending up falling into a hole. Duck reveals to him that she is actually a duck and transforms to explore an underwater tunnel, and finds Mytho. Duck and Fakir go to where the final stage has been set, saved just for them for 200 years. November 1, 2002
13 Ep13.jpg "Swan Lake"
Princess Tutu and Fakir arrive at the stage where Kraehe is keeping Mytho, and Kraehe says she'll give the shard of love back if Tutu confesses her feelings, knowing full well that she'll turn into a speck of light and vanish. Tutu is prepared to sacrifice herself but Fakir stops her, fighting the ravens in order to break the sword of the prince so Mytho's heart can never be shattered again. Tutu resolves to go on, and even though she can't speak her feelings, she decides to express them through dance. Mytho is moved by Tutu's dance and he and the heart shard go to her. The stage vanishes and they are lost in darkness, but a flame appears and guides them. The flame is Edel, who is burning. Fakir, who she also saved is beside her. Edel's last request is to see Princess Tutu and Mytho dance. Meanwhile, Drosselmeyer muses that the story is far from over.  November 8, 2002

Season Two

Ep. # Promotional Image Episode Title Description Original Airdate
1 Ep14.jpg "The Raven"
Unknown to Tutu, Fakir, and Mytho, Princess Kraehe put Ravens blood into Mytho's heart shard of love. By doing so, it will turn him into a person who loves crows and would love only Kraehe. But it's bad enough when the blood starts to kick in while Mr. Cat talks about a story of his meeting a famous ballet dancer. Things don't seem too good for Mytho; the crow blood is rapidly taking over him, and he does something strange that stuns the whole Academy. January 17, 2003
2 Ep15.jpg "Coppelia"
Mytho tries to tell Mr. Cat that Fakir wasn't responsible for what happened (that it was just an accident), but of course no one believes it. Mytho is acting strange more frequently, and Fakir and Duck wonder what happened to him. But the real question is, why is Pike with Mytho? It seems that Pike and Mytho are now dating, and one night Mytho asks to meet with Pike alone (he is interested in one particular part of Pike's body). January 24, 2003
3 Ep16.jpg "The Maiden's Prayer"
Mytho doesn't have a partner after Rue fakes an injury. He holds a ballet competition to find a new partner, and the winner is the beautiful and talented ballet dancer Freya. But dancing with Freya isn't the only thing Mytho wants to do with her. Meanwhile, Duck meets a strange child who seems to know a lot about her. January 31, 2003
4 Ep17.jpg "Crime and Punishment"
A new person is in town and his name is Femio. He seems to be in love with everyone, especially Duck and Rue. Princess Kraehe is now abusing the power of Femio's crush on Rue. She is planning to steal his heart, but she's not going to be successful as she thinks she is. Meanwhile, Fakir is in the libary searching through a book only to find the ending torn out, just like many other books. February 7, 2003
5 Ep18.jpg "The Wandering Knight"
The drama club is putting on a show, and they want Mytho to play one of the parts in the production. But Duck insists that Fakir would be best for the part. But, Fakir is being haunted by a dream--a dream of a knight. But is this knight's soul still wandering around today? Fakir is playing the knight's role very convincingly, which is inspiring many girls. Though the Ghost Knight is out there looking for something to fight for. A fierce battle erupts against Fakir and the knight, and only Princess Tutu can stop it. February 14, 2004
6 Ep19.jpg "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
Drosselmeyer tells Duck that there are more heart shards missing, but doesn't tell her where they are. Meanwhile, Lilie is starting to think that Duck is secretly in love with Fakir and decides to write a love letter to him for Duck. Duck is frightened to death to meet an evidently large donkey, which turns out to be Hermia in disguise. She is delivering a letter to someone, though she can be in danger of Mytho. February 21, 2003
7 Ep20.jpg "The Forgotten Story"
Duck meets a girl name Raetsel, who is a sister figure to Fakir. Raetsel tells Duck that Fakir used to write stories that eventually came true, but was it smart to do so? Fakir would rather protect Mytho with his sword, but Duck decides to give Fakir with an idea even though he will ignore it. Fakir refuses to write a story that will save Mytho. But can there be something that's stopping him? Is it something that happened in the past? February 28, 2003
8 Ep21.png "The Spinners"
Fakir meets Autor, who tells him that he has the ability to write things that eventually come to life. Rue who dances perfectly just like Princess Tutu, Mytho is desperately shocked and outraged with Rue. Mytho is becoming more and more like a crow. Later, Autor lead Fakir and Duck to the place where the legendary Oak Tree once stood. Fakir makes contact with the tree, but is in danger of being sucked into it. Can Princess Tutu save him?  March 7, 2003
9 Ep22.png "Crown of Stone"
Fakir concentrates on learning to write from the Oak Tree. Duck decides to search for the remaining heart shards. Her pendant reacts to the town's gates, so she tries to investigate as Princess Tutu but finds a magical wall on the other side of the gates. Meanwhile, Fakir is attacked by the Book Men, but when Princess Tutu tries to protect him she is kidnapped by Drosselmeyer.  March 14, 2003
10 Ep23.png "Marionette"
Princess Tutu is in Drosselmeyer's clockwork world inside the story. Uzura has followed her in and causes the story to run backward. Rue sees her childhood from the day she first met Mytho, and later sees that as a baby she was kidnapped from her real parents by crows. Fakir tries to rescue Duck by writing about her.  March 21, 2003
11 Ep24.png "The Prince and the Raven"
Duck follows Rue to an abandoned house, where she sees Mytho has turned into a crow. Fakir finds it hards to write a story even with Autor's help. Edels' spirit tells Duck that her pendant is the last heart shard. Princess Tutu tells Mytho and Rue that she now accepts the fate of Mytho's heart shards returning back to him. When all five heart shards in the gates turn into one and go back with Mytho, the Raven is free to wander again. April 11, 2003
12 Ep25.png "The Dying Swan"
Mytho is back to his normal self, but he asks Princess Tutu for his last heart shard, which is her pendant. However, Tutu cannot remove the pendant. While Fakir is trying his best trying to write a story, Drosselmeyer freezes time and begins to influence Fakir's writing to have the story end in tragedy. May 2, 2003
13 Ep26.jpg "Finale"
Drosselmeyer wants the story to end in tragedy with many tears. Mytho decides to fight against the Raven and free save Rue. Fakir is at the heart of writing the story, and Duck comes up with a plan. Even though she has no power left, she dances with the prince to save the town. May 23, 2003
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