• PrecisleyRandom

    New Admin!

    December 29, 2018 by PrecisleyRandom

    Hello Everyone!!!

    ... or the void... whichever is more likely to read this...

    This Wikia currently has no active admin, so I'm thinking of taking over. Does anyone have any concerns about this? If so please comment on this blog within the week. Otherwise, I will start the adoption process. 

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  • Sayapapaya

    Revamping the Wiki

    April 8, 2018 by Sayapapaya

    Hey everyone!

    I wanted to give a warm welcome to all visiting the Wiki. From what I understand, this place has been pretty inactive for quite a while. Currently, I'm doing my best to get summaries and information together for the Manga and Anime chapters/episodes. I'm starting with the manga and will slowly make my way towards updating or revising the list of episode summaries for clarity. 

    After those are completed, I'll be going back into different individual character pages to improve those as well. I'll also be making sure to fix issues with images since I've noticed there have been problems as far is sizing and pixelation.

    I'm doing things this way because I want to make sure my memory of this series is refreshed and accurate. If there a…

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  • SakuraCardCaptor1

    Estaba yo, sentada y aburrida, no sabía que hacer

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  • SakuraCardCaptor1

    Les quiero comentar que voy a escribir una historia acerca de una niña que no logra estar agusto con sigo misma, asi que se va de su casa y enprende una gran aventura donde conoce la gran ciudad.....Pero no recuerda que su familia está preocupada y que ella solo lleva $165.50

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  • Walt Disney, Jr.

    OK I'm curious what is the episode Fakir finds out he's the descendent of Drosslemeyer

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  • Alice Liddellx


    June 10, 2012 by Alice Liddellx

    Hello! I am faily new to this site but love Princess Tutu and was wondering is there are any active people here. So just meassage me if you are.

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