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Name Ebine
Kanji エビネ
Rōmaji Ebine
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eyes Purple
Hair Purple
Professional Status
Affiliation Gold Crown Town
Occupation Restaurant manager and chef
Previous Partner Husband (deceased)
Personal Status
Status Widow
First Appearance
Anime Debut The Princess's Vow
Japanese Voice Rie Ishizuka

Ebine is the chef and owner of a local restaurant in Gold Crown Town. She appeared in Akt 3 and was the second person Duck found to be possessed by one of the prince's Heart Shards.

Duck and Mytho come upon Ebine's restaurant by chance one day while looking for water to give Rue. Ebine is overjoyed to have customers and gives them lots of food for free, but all her dishes are cold and flavorless. When Duck refuses to eat any more food, Ebine throws her out of the restaurant.

Fearing for Mytho's safety and having sensed a Heart Shard earlier, Duck transforms into Princess Tutu and confronts Ebine. She learns that Ebine is a widow, and her husband was the head chef of her restaurant. After he died, Ebine tried to cook in his place but it wasn't good enough to keep her customers. Thus, Ebine became consumed by her loneliness. Princess Tutu restores Ebine's hope by giving her a box of her husband's recipes, and she resolves to make the restaurant successful once more.


Ebine has purple hair and purple eyes. She had the feeling of loneliness.


  • Ebine's restaurant is seen briefly when Duck searches for Mytho in Akt 11. It is now a thriving business full of customers.
  • Ebine can be seen among the people restored from the Raven's blood in Akt 26.