"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy it find glory."
Name Edel
Kanji エデル
Rōmaji Ederu
Gender Female
Eyes Blue
Hair Light green
Alternate Forms Uzura
Professional Status
Affiliation Drosselmeyer
Occupation Puppet
Personal Status
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Anime Debut Heart Shard
Japanese Voice Akiko Hiramatsu

Edel (エデル Ederu) is a life-sized wooden puppet who bears a barrel organ and a tray of creatively-named jewels. She gives cryptic advice, and tells stories to Duck.

Drosselmeyer created Edel to act as a narrator in his place. Edel develops her own emotions after interacting with Duck, something that Drosselmeyer had not intended to happen. She sacrifices herself in flames to save Fakir, and to provide a guiding light for Mytho and Princess Tutu to safety, then asking them to dance a pas de deux before she is completely consumed by the fire.

Karon later makes a puppet called Uzura from her unburned pieces. Although Uzura is made form Edel's pieces, they are completely separate beings.

In the manga, she took the place of Drosselmeyer and was human, encouraging not only Princess Tutu but Kraehe as well to get Mytho's heart shards. Towards the end, she reveals that she was planning to have the Raven revive within her.


  • Edel's name means "noble" in German.
  • The music played by Edel's barrel organ is "The Dance of the Automatons" from Coppelia, a hint towards her true nature.
  • Edel is the name that Cinderella's fairy godmother took on when she acted as her mother's former maid to help out Cinderella with her stays.


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