First Reverence
Author Ikuko Itoh, Junichi Sato, Mizuo Shinonome
Illustrator Mizuo Shinonome
Publication date January 18, 2005
Published by ADV Manga
ISBN 141390193X, 9781413901931
Publication Order
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Gentle Adagio


Ahiru has a dream of dancing a Pas de deux with a handsome prince and wakes up late for ballet class. She runs to the studio but finds no one else is there except for a handsome boy (Mytho) in the middle of dancing. Ahiru wonders if he's the prince from her dreams and gets so flustered that she falls over and hurts her ankle. As the boy helps her up, another boy (Fakir) appears and takes Mytho away before telling Ahiru to stay away from him. Once the boys have left, Ahiru's friends Mai and Yuma arrive for class and tell her that she’s early and that she should fix her alarm.

After school, Ahiru finds a ballet shop she's never seen before while walking through town. As she admires a tutu in the front window, the shopkeeper (Edel) invites her in. The shopkeeper Ahiru a pendant resembling an egg with wings in commemoration of being the shop's first customer. As Ahiru leaves, she promises to visit the shop again.

The next morning, Ahiru sees Mytho going somewhere by himself through her dorm window. She follows him to the lake behind the school. Suddenly, the ground starts to shake quake as a huge fish monster jumps out from the water. Ahiru begins to feel hopeless with how scared she is and her ankle still hurting. All the while, Mytho simply stands in the same spot as the fish begins its attack. Ahiru's pendant glows and turns her into Princess Tutu. With the magic of her dancing, she turns the monster back into a normal fish and releases the fish back into the water. She finds that the fish has swallowed a shard of Mytho’s heart and returns it to him. Mytho is so overwhelmed by the return of the heart piece, that he faints. Seemingly using too much power, Ahiru also faints.

Later, Ahiru wakes up by the lake with Mytho watching her. Her ankle still hurts, so he helps her up again. Fakir arrives in search of Mytho and interrupts their conversation by chastising Mytho for wandering around by himself. Fakir and Ahriu share a tense moment. As the boys leave, Ahiru reflects on becoming Princess Tutu and wonders if it was all a dream.