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Name Freya
Anime Debut The Maiden's Prayer

Freya was a character who appeared in Akt 16. She was the second person to be targeted as a sacrifice to the Raven.

Freya was a ballet student who loved flowers more than anything. She spent her free time watering the school's garden and praying for the flowers to bloom prettily and abundantly. Mytho was drawn to her pure heart and tried to take it from her, however, Princess Tutu stopped him.

She later competed in the school's ballet competition and won first place, but unlike the other girls, she had no interest in winning Mytho's affection. Regardless, Mytho tried again to take her heart and was stopped again by Princess Tutu.

Freya appeared again briefly in Akt 26 among the people who were cured of the Raven's blood.


  • Freya is probably named after the Norse goddess Freyja, who was associated with love, beauty, and fertility.