Ghost Knight
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Name Ghost Knight
Anime Debut The Wandering Knight

The Ghost Knight was a character who appeared in Akt 18. He possessed the Heart Shard of Pride.

While he was alive, the knight never faltered in his fulfilling his duty, even when that duty meant killing his own lover, who was a spy for an enemy kingdom. However, when the war ended the knight was sent into exile. After his death, he became a ghost searching for another duty to carry out.

Fakir had a dream in which he fought with the Ghost Knight. Later that day, the drama club of Gold Crown Academy wanted Fakir to play the role of the knight in their upcoming show, but he found that the script's ending had been torn out. It was revealed later that Drosselmeyer was the one who had written the Ghost Knight's story.

Fakir decided to confront the Ghost Knight in battle, but Princess Tutu interfered in order to get the Knight's heart shard. Although the Knight attacked her, Tutu refused to back down and was finally able to reach him. In the end, the Knight surrendered to Tutu and gave up his Heart Shard, free to rest in peace.


  • The Ghost Knight is the second ghost character to have a Heart Shard. The first ghost was the Wili Maiden.