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Name Karon
Kanji カロン
Anime Debut Akt 10
Japanese Voice Mugihito
English Voice Robert Leeds

Karon is the blacksmith of Gold Crown Town and the foster father of Fakir. He first appeared in Akt 10 and possessed the Heart Shard of Regret.


After Fakir's parents died, Karon took the boy in and comforted him by telling him the story of The Prince and the Raven. He also told him that his birthmark was a sign that Fakir was the knight from the story reborn and thus destined to be a hero. Sometime later, Fakir found an unconscious young man in the street and brought him to Karon. They couldn't hear his heart beating and assumed him to be dead, but when he woke up Karon immediately realized he was the prince who had shattered his heart. He called him "Mythos", and from this word came Mytho's new name.

Years later after Fakir and Mytho went to live at Gold Crown Academy, Fakir came to Karon for the Lohengrin Sword. When Karon refused they began to argue. Finally Karon slapped Fakir, an action he immediately regretted. Ahiru quickly realized he had a Heart Shard and came to him as Princess Tutu. Karon recognized her as a character from the story as well, and when she danced with him he revealed all his regrets to her. She advised him to have faith in Fakir, thus freeing him from the Heart Shard of Regret. Karon then gave the Lohengrin Sword to Fakir.

Karon is mentioned in Akt 16, when Fakir explains to Ahiru that it was Karon who made Uzura. Karon appeared again in Akt 20 when Raetsel came to visit, and appeared very friendly with both her and Uzura. He appeared very briefly near the end of Akt 26 when the townspeople were changed back from crows.


  • Karon's name is probably derived from Charon, the ferryman to the underworld in Greek mythology.