Princess Tutu Wiki
S ririe.gif
Name Lilie
Kanji りりえ
Rōmaji Ririe
Age 15
Gender Female
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Professional Status
Affiliation Gold Crown Academy
Occupation Ballet student
Partner None
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance
Anime Debut The Duck and the Prince
Japanese Voice Yuri Shiratori

Lilie is Ahiru's other best friend from dance class. She is constantly trying to literally push Ahiru into a doomed relationship with Mytho, and later with Fakir. She romanticizes star-crossed lovers, happily waiting for the relationships to fail, and seems to like seeing Ahiru in a pinch, which provides comic relief to the show.

Lilie often pushes Ahiru around in a way that friends shouldn't be able to do without their friendship being broken. She is mostly seen in the show with goofy expressions with Ahiru and Pike, very rarely being seen without the latter.