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Mr. Cat
Neko-sensei mr-cat.jpg

"I'll have you marry me!"
Name Mr. Cat
Kanji 猫先生
Rōmaji Neko sensei
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eyes Yellow
Hair Brown (fur)
Professional Status
Affiliation Gold Crown Academy
Occupation Ballet instructor
Partner None
Personal Status
Status Single
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance
Anime Debut The Duck and the Prince
Japanese Voice Yasunori Matsumoto

Mr. Cat is the ballet teacher at the Gold Crown Academy. His students include Ahiru, Rue, Fakir, Mytho, Pike, and Lilie.

He seems intent on marrying any of his students that slips up as "punishment" and sometimes flirts with adult characters. However, one female teacher and a student, a goat and a sloth, actually want to marry him, though he doesn't seem to want to marry them, for he thinks they are "two freaking annoying hideous stalkers" which is revealed in the second season. In one episode, when Ahiru was in a bad mood, she accidentally says she wanted to marry him and he is seen throughout the episode waiting for Ahiru to meet him at a restaurant.

He is last seen in the ending episode, not in a human form like the rest of the animal characters, but as an ordinary cat. He also seems to have found love at last (and it wasn't one of his students), as he is shown walking with a female cat and a family of small kittens.