Nanae Katou
Nanae Katou
Name Nanae Katou
role Duck and Princess Tutu

Nanae Katou (加藤 奈々絵, Katō Nanae, born February 24, 1976 in Ibaraki) is a Japanese voice actress. She is the Japanese voice of Duck/Princess Tutu.


My comment when I first saw a drawing of Duck was, "Oh what a cute character." And as far as the show Tutu, I thought "A bird that turns into a girl using a magic pendant -- that's so fairy-tale-like it'll probably make a really cute story." But I certainly never imagined the story would take this turn in 'Chapter of the Fledgling." [laughs] There were a lot of surprises for me on this project, since it's an unpredictable story.

Duck and I are similar in that we're both total scatterbrains. And also in that we don't listen to what people (the people around us) say, we just race on ahead with things. But Duck is a really pure girl, isn't she? It is true that during the show, she had a time when she couldn’t take off the pendant because part of her didn’t want to return to Mytho’s heart, but I think the way she tries her best to help Mytho is truly noble. I was actually a little relived when she couldn’t return the pendant, the final heart shard, because I got to see the part of her heart that was weak. I think in a way the fact that the story doesn’t end with Duck only showing the pure, selfless side heart we’d seen up until then makes her more human, so I’m glad.

Tutu is a truly precious show to me. Before I began working on this show, I think I didn’t want to look my faults in the face, so I ended up hiding them. And because of that my acting was half-baked. In the early days of the recording, the director and the staff gave me a lot of their time, and they were kind enough to give me instructions about various things. I have an older sister who really lets me know her opinions without softening them, and after 1.AKT aired, my sister (who had watched it) told me, “I won’t go so far as to say it was good, but it was a lot different from your previous work, huh?” I’d thought I’d always given acting my best, but when she said that to me she made me realize for the first time that in truth I hadn’t been trying hard enough at all.

In the beginning, I hoped Duck and Mytho would get married. But now I think if she can live happily with Fakir…. I am a little sad to see the story end, but I think maybe if the two of them are happy, it’s okay. Basically, my thought is, “Fakir’s cool too, so I’m fine with it!!” [laughs] Although I do want Gold Crown Town itself to keep on existing forever and ever.