Princess Tutu Wiki
Name Pike
Kanji ぴけ
Rōmaji Pike
Age 14
Gender Female
Eyes Purple
Hair Pink
Professional Status
Affiliation Gold Crown Academy
Occupation Ballet student
Partner None
Personal Status
First Appearance
Anime Debut The Duck and the Prince
Japanese Voice Sachi Matsumoto
English Voice Cynthia Martinez

Pike is an outspoken somewhat-tomboyish character, and one of Ahiru's two best friends from her class. The other friend is Lilie and her and Pike are very rarely seen apart. 

She has a crush on Fakir. In Akt 15, she is the first attempted victim of Mytho's after The Raven's blood in his heart possesses him and she almost loses her heart. However, Princess Tutu is able to dance with her and save her from that fate. 

Her school uniform is exactly the same as Ahiru's. Throughout the entire series, she is seen with her hair in a high tight bun, her bangs angles to the right side of her face, two barretes, yellow and blue, on the opposite side, with a single curly lock jutting from the side. During her ballet lessons, she wears a pale blue leotard, white leggings and white ballet slippers. Her hairstyle remains the same, except for the lock of hair that juts out. 


  • Her name seems to derive from 'Piqué', a ballet step that means "to strike" or "pricked".