Name Raetsel
Anime Debut The Forgotten Story

Raetsel (also known as Rachel) was a character who appeared in Akt 20. She was the fifth person to be targeted as a sacrifice for the Raven

Raetsel knew Fakir ever since he was a child and served as a mother or older sister figure for him. She returned to Gold Crown Town to tell him and Karon about her engagement. However, she was secretly unsure of her feelings for her fiance, as she still had feelings for Karon.

Raetsel was also the one who told Duck about Fakir's power of making stories come true, and hoped that he would write a story for her that would solve her romantic problems. Mytho took advantage of her uncertainty to try stealing her heart. Both Princess Tutu and Fakir came to her rescue.

In the end, Fakir did write a story for Raetsel, but it did not come true. She decided to go through with her marriage, parted with Karon on friendly terms, and left Gold Crown Town again.


  • Raetsel's name is probably derived from the German word "rätsel", meaning a riddle, puzzle, or mystery.