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"What's lovey-dovey, zura?"
Name Uzura
Kanji うずら
Rōmaji Uzura
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eyes Blue
Hair Light green
Alternate Forms Edel
Professional Status
Affiliation Neutral
Previous Affiliation Drosselmeyer
Occupation Puppet
Personal Status
Relatives Karon, Fakir, Drosselmeyer
First Appearance
Anime Debut The Maiden's Prayer
Japanese Voice Erino Hazuki

Uzura is a toddler-aged doll created by Karon, from the unburned pieces of Edel. She first appears in Akt 16. She ends most of her sentences with "zura".

Uzura knows all about Ahiru because Fakir told her, and not because she has Edel's memories. She has an obsession with tails and finding out what love is. When Uzura first met Ahiru, she looked in her underwear for her tail, causing Ahiru to transform back into a duck. She causes many awkward, and considerably comedic moments between Fakir and Ahiru by changing her into a duck and then pouring water on her again.

In Akt 23, Uzura follows Princess Tutu when Drosselmeyer takes her to the inside of the story. She finds a crank and starts turning it backwards, causing all the gears to move and the stopped story begins to double back on itself. Uzura also meets Edel's spirit at this time and learns for the first time that she is a puppet. She later helps Ahiru to contact Edel's spirit, and in the finale she leads the heroes to where Drosselmeyer's machine is. She is last seen leaving the story with Drosselmeyer to find another story.


  • Uzura's name means "quail" in Japanese.