Wili Maiden
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Name Wili Maiden
Anime Debut Giselle
Japanese Voice Romi Park
The Wili Maiden was a character who appeared in Akt 4. She possessed the Heart Shard of Sorrow.

The Wili Maiden was a girl who suffered from unrequited love and died of grief. She appeared as a ghostly bride and attempted to lure Mytho to the land of the dead with her by giving him a sprig of rosemary and taking him in her unrequited lover's stead. Rue interfered and the two of them danced, but Rue did not have enough stamina to keep up with her and collapsed. Princess Tutu intervened and was able to save Mytho by drawing out the Heart Shard of Sorrow the maiden possessed. The maiden was then free to rest in peace and vanished from the living world.


  • The Wili Maiden is never called by this name in the episode, but her name is listed in the credits.
  • A "wili" is a creature from Slavic folklore. They are connected with the Romantic ballet Giselle. In the ballet, the wilis were young girls who died before their wedding days. They almost snatch away the hero's life-breath, but disappear at the break of dawn.
  • The Wili Maiden is also heavily based on the titular character from the ballet, Giselle. In the ballet, the titular character falls in love with the Duke of the land, but dies of heartbreak when she finds out his true identity and realizes he's already betrothed. After her death, she joins other wilis in order to seek revenge on those who betrayed her.